Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Enlightening Experience

Today was a great experience for me.  I went with my classmates on location for Gregory Heisler’s class. We went to a woman’s house. Her name was Rebecca. This House really cannot be explained or my experience and how enlightening it was. There is just so much to it. The house was custom made for Rebecca. The Design of the house is circular(reason why it is called the "Round House"), so that when you walk in there is just a big open space all the way up to the 3rd floor. The min I walked in I just wanted to meditate right in the middle of the floor. There are TONS of Buddha’s and prayer flags all over the house, which has over 20 rooms. If you are lucky you will find all of the secret passageways.  Rebecca is a wonderful person and is a very important person that has passed through my life.  I would like to visit her again to talk more with her about her Buddhist ways.

This Image bellow was one of the cute little bedrooms and wish it was mine. It was also one of the little beds that had a secret passage up above me. Each of the beds had a pen and journal for people to write their experience of staying in that particular room, because Rebecca allows people to stay at her house. 

hope you all enjoy this shot.
<3 Em


  1. I love the tones in this ! <redlight3

  2. This is so You!! Love You Mom

  3. you are so in your element!!!Again Love You Mom